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Our Passion is helping
Women & Families Thrive

Dr. Jade is our resisdent Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractor.  She is Webster certified and Certified by the Academy Council for Chiropractic Pediatrics.  She is passionate about educating and supporting women from preconception planning through welcoming their new baby.  She helps women experience pain free pregnancies and the labors they desire.

Dr. Dellinger works on babies from minutes old through teenage years.  She believes due to strain during pregnancy or birth, babies should be evaluated by a certified pediatric chiropractor as early as possible.  She works with numerous professionals in the area to help babies with breastfeeding difficulty, tightness, torticollis, colic, gas, constipation and more.

Our founder, Dr. Jordan Leasure, focuses on helping women feel their absolute best.  She offers one on one programs along with virtual offerings. She has helped hundreds of women manage or eliminate diagnoses such as anxiety, insomnia, autoimmune conditions, digestive distress, energy and more.

Although our doctors have specializations, it’s important to know we work with everyone!  After 17 years in practice, we’ve pretty much seen it all and know that if we cannot help you, we will find you someone who can. 

If you are struggling with back pain, headaches, numbness/tingling, pain in your shoulders, elbows, wrists, feet or hips, we can help.  We offer various techniques via chiropractic, modalities such as cold laser, partner assisted exercises and more to make sure we get you reaching your goals as soon as possible.  Set up a free consultation today to see if we are the right fit for you!

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