At North Shore Pro-Active Health, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic wellness care to our patients.

I left in tears. Dr. Jordan was wonderful!!! This is a night and day experience comparing my regular medical care and what I received at North Shore… I left feeling heard, supported, and encouraged. Dr. Jordan did not take the band-aid approach (pills, rxs) rather worked with me to create long-term healing and health. She gave practical and simple ways to relieve pain and improve health. The entire staff was welcoming and warm; the space was peaceful and calming. 10/10 recommend!!!

Tatiana A.
April 2022

This place is one-stop shopping for all my health needs! The bonus is that everyone there is amazing. Kortnee welcomes you with her cheerful demeanor, the doctors both know me and care about my rehabilitation, and Sabrina and Hanna know how to move me to get mr to my goals! I highly recommend this place for any aches and pains as well as achieving optimal health!

Genevive S.
March 2022

A place full of wellness practitioners that are present, passionate and thorough from consultation to completion of each visit. I trust their expertise and love that they share their knowledge to help you make decisions for your health. Their bedside manner is professional and gentle. I highly recommend these ladies.

Liz D.
January 2022

Dr. Jordan and her team are absolutely fantastic. I aggravated my SI joint a few weeks ago and had to attend my first visit on crutches. Within about 1.5 weeks the team had me 95% pain free. Highly recommend!!

Nicky S.
December 2021

My daughter saw Dr. Jade two years ago when she had torticollis and we were satisfied with the work and service. I recently started seeing Dr. Jade myself for pelvic problems in my third pregnancy. After seeing her only twice, I can say I actually feel a BIG difference in how I feel. I am hopeful about being able to manage my pain and discomfort throughout the rest of my pregnancy. I also love how I was able to get things I needed right at the office such as a good quality probiotic and a pelvic band in my size that I could try on first.

Veronica F.
August 2021

Dr. Jordan and Dr. Jade are very knowledgeable, and are always upbeat and pleasant to be around. I never feel rushed there, and they always take time to answer all my questions. My hip pain was so bad from bursitis and arthritis, that it was very painful to get up from a chair, or bend over to do gardening, or just loading the dishwasher. I don’t want to be taking major painkillers or get cortisone shots. I started a series of something they offer called Cold Laser Therapy. After 5 treatments, my hip pain is gone. I can bend over and stand up from a chair, pain free. And the treatment couldn’t be simpler. I can now enjoy so many things that used to just drain me because of my hip pain. Everyone in the office is nice to deal with.

March 2021

Dr Jade and Dr Jorden are miracle workers. Within 6-8 weeks of therapy and adjustments, am completely pain free… they are very realistic and work with you to create a comfortable treatment plan. i saw an improvement within few weeks of consistent adjustments, rehab and therapy. A big shout to Regan as well, she gives you tips and tricks to help u thru pain-free movements ..I highly recommend Northshore Proactive!! Thanks a ton !!

Anaya V.
January 2021

As soon as you enter the office, there is a calming fragrance. Everyone is so friendly and you feel like home. Dr. Jade, Dr. Jordan , and Reagan are so knowledgeable! I look forward to each appointment!

Dana F.
April 2020

Dr. Jordan is very personable, extremely knowledgeable, and really listens to her patients. She took her time with me to learn and develop a plan. I am truly excited for the first time that I may have found someone who will be able to get me out of pain by not just giving an Rx for the symptoms, but diving deep to help me discover and treat the cause

Samantha F
July 2020

I love everything and everyone here! Dr. Jade and Dr. Jordan are amazing and made me feel great when I was having issues while pregnant. Kristin helps so much by giving a rehab regimen and showing how you to do the exercises correctly! With both chiropractic care and rehab I feel like a brand new person! I am so thankful for their care and recommend them highly!

Lindsey M
April 2020

Fantastic health facility for the whole family. Doctors who listen and take time to care for each patient’s needs. Dr. Jade is a phenomenal pediatric specialist in chiropractic care. Gentle and calm in every way, and connects with the pediatric patients beautifully. Dr. Jordan’s supplement line is incredible. Be sure to pick up supplements while you’re there!

Elizabeth B
February 2020

I had never been a to chiropractor before, so I am really happy that I found and chose this practice to treat my lower back pain/sciatica. Dr. Jordan, Dr. Jade, and their staff are very friendly and professional, but the best part is that I am basically pain free after a few months of treatment with them. They taught me stretches, exercises, and other things to do for flare ups, so I no longer need any pain medication. Highly recommend!

Barri B
February 2020

I love everything and everyone here! Dr. Jade and Dr. Jordan are amazing and made me feel great when I was having issues while pregnant. Kristin helps so much by giving a rehab regimen and showing how you to do the exercises correctly! With both chiropractic care and rehab I feel like a brand new person! I am so thankful for their care and recommend them highly!

Lindsey M
October 2019

This is an amazing practice, with a large staff, featuring two chiropractors who are sisters, (Dr. Jordan Leasure and Dr. Jade Dellinger), one working with all ages, the other one primarily with younger patients. We have seen them successfully handle scoliosis patients, auto crash victims, and clients with chronic headaches. They also provide complete health and wellness guidance from nutrition, to exercise, to sleep and attitude improvement. When I recommend NS Pro-Active to friends and clients, I honestly feel I’m doing them a huge favor! Wes Wenk/Wenk Insurance Agency

Wes W
September 2019

Everyone at North Shore Proactive Health (NSPH) has been a delight. I have never been to a doctor’s office where every single staff member is not only happy, but generous with their time and talent. They are genuinely interested in your well-being. Whatever your visit entails, the NSPH staff is always on-time and ready to assist. NSPH is so comfortable, it has a homey feel. And talking to the doctors and staff is like visiting with friends. Kristin and Kristen never miss with their greetings—sweet smiles, happy hellos, and questions about your day. I have had a few massages with Julie Brown—each one being comfortable and relaxing getaways. Conversations with both Dr. Jordan and Dr. Jade are never rushed—they take time to discuss every question, never making you feel like you’re an imposition. One conversation I had with Dr. Jade towards the end of their workday a few weeks ago happened to keep going because I kept thinking of questions to ask, but not once did she waver in replying wholeheartedly. Their interest in their patients is second-to-none. I highly recommend North Shore Proactive Health for all that they have to offer.

Karen B
August 2019

Everyone at this office is friendly and polite! They took their time to explain my insurance and what to expect on the first visit and I can’t wait to go back and start working on my low back and neuropathy symptoms. Thank you so much!

Jackie S
July 2019

I love everything and everyone here! Dr. Jade and Dr. Jordan are amazing and made me feel great when I was having issues while pregnant. Kristin helps so much by giving a rehab regimen and showing how you to do the exercises correctly! With both chiropractic care and rehab I feel like a brand new person! I am so thankful for their care and recommend them highly!

Lindsey W
July 2019

I am a golfer. I have rotator cuff issues in both shoulders and some lower back issues that prevent me from playing my best. Kristie Greenfield has done an amazing job locating and working out these issues and it has actually helped to improve my game and decrease the stiffness and some pain issues that I was experiencing. Thank you North Shore Pro-Active Health and Kristie!

John B
July 2019

Oliver loves going to see Jade at North Shore Pro-Active Health in Libertyville! It’s incredible how shortly after his adjustment, he is able to empty out his stomach and find relief from his gas and constipation. Jade is amazing with him and so knowledgeable. Love, love, love going there and so does Oliver!!!!

Patty B
July 2019

Hello, I just wanted to tell you that you have changed my daughter’s life for the better. She was in constant pain crying most days, wondering how to make the pain stop. Whatever you did immediately helped and she is mostly pain free. Thanks to you, I am forever in your debt. I have been a believer in chiropractic medicine for awhile. Anyone I can recommend to you I will. Have a great day! Thank you again!

Adam G
June 2019

I had an excellent experience here years ago, and decided to bring my son (who is a gymnast) for preventative care. (trying to avoid injuries!) After one adjustment, we noticed his tumbling and handstands straightened out. Dr. Jordan is amazing!!

Kristie H
June 2019

I’ve been seeing Dr. Jordan Leasure for my stomach problems, brain fog and fatigue. She took the time to take a thorough history and ordered some specific tests that helped narrow down what was causing my problem. I’m seeing some HUGE improvements in my symptoms and am so glad I saw her for a second opinion. I highly recommend her services not only for your aches and pains, but for other chronic health problems — even if other doctors don’t have answers for you!

Erin D
February 2019

I went to Dr. Jade and Dr. Jordan during most of my pregnancy to manage back pain from scoliosis as well as sciatic pain. Kristin worked with me doing physical therapy exercises and massages. My pain was reduced greatly and at the end of my pregnancy I was actually comfortable which was amazing. Not only did they help me during my pregnancy but I would have to bring my kids with to my appointments- everyone was so kind and patient with them. I have nothing but good things to say about North Shore Proactive Health.

Patty F
February 2019

So excited to be taking charge of my health and partnering with Dr. Jordan and everyone at North Shore Pro-Active Health. Feeling much better already!

Mara H
December 2018

My teenage daughter has been suffering from almost debilitating shin splints for 2 years, but she loves running (she would say that no one loves running, but she loves the after running, lol). We have seen other specialists, and been given a few little exercises and told to just stop running. After asking some friends about it, I found that Dr Jordan and Dr Jade treat athletes all the time. We’ve been seeing them, and getting PT from Kristin, since June. They worked out a plan to let her keep running for summer camps, and she no longer has any pain in one of her shins!! The other shin is much better, and we are continuing care to keep her healthy. I would absolutely recommend the Dr’s and their staff!!

Laura P
August 2018

When Dr. Jordan stands up to speak some of the things she says are so smart that it has taken me years to understand them. Like the time she gave a presentation on how a high performance Vitamix blender could change my life. She showed recipes, green smoothy protein shakes and fresh vegetable soups, but I didn’t get it until the second year she said it and my waistline was still growing, then it dawned on me…maybe Dr. J. knew what she was talking about! 8 glasses of water, veggies, healthy snacks, cool lunch box organizers with trays so you could avoid hunger and eat right. Of course I now love my Vitamix. This past week after two years of listening to Dr. J talk about physician grade vitamins I realized maybe I needed to listen again and stop buying those cheap Centrum vitamins at Costco. Sure enough comparing the potency and formulation of Dr. J’s Salutogenic Vitamins for Men turned out to be a good value and better for me too! OK – I’m slow and a skeptic, so don’t follow my lead on this! Listen to Dr. J because she knows what she’s talking about and how to help you live a healthy life.

Jim B
June 2018

I spent years in very ill health without any direction from my other Doctors on the road to wellness. When I met Dr. Jordan, she was genuinely concerned in helping me. With her supplements and plan specifically for me I am now  feeling like a human being again. For the first time in many years I am completely off allergy meds and now have my hormones balanced and hyperthyroidism under control. I’d highly recommend their services.

Cindy I
May 2018

I am very pleased with the  professional services I receive from everyone at North Shore Pro-Active Health in downtown Libertyville. I’m an aging runner who continues to stay active which results in the need for smart chiropractic care.   Dr. Jade Leasure and Dr.Jordan Leasure are extremely thorough in identifying the source of the issues and explaining the best treatment plan to get and keep me active. Kristin and Emily have been outstanding in working with me through the much needed rehab regimens they offer. Most important, the whole team at North Shore Pro-Active Health gets me back to where I feel great and am able to stay active!

Mark R
April 2018

Dr. Jade and Dr. Jordan are truly a mark above the rest. My girlfriend and I did a micronutrient blood test to find out what we were deficient in. Turns out, the supplements we were taking were not effective and we were able to cut a lot of the pills we were taking out. Once we found out what we really needed, our supplements and vitamins are not targeted to our bodies, not just a “large net” approach. We’re saving money while fixing the underlying issues. Really appreciative of North Shore Pro-Active Health and the attention to detail they have given to both of us. Thanks guys!

August W
April 2018

Two weeks ago today, I finally began taking the supplements Dr. Jordan recommended at our January 4th meeting.  And last Tuesday, I really began to notice a difference.  I was ill most of January and February.  Even into March, I still felt a bit “blah.”  Not sick, just not very energetic.  No longer!  Since last Tuesday (Day 9 of the supplements), I have felt more healthy, energetic, and clear-minded than I have in – I don’t even remember the last time I felt this good and had so much energy to take care of my family and friends, clients, and my business.

Stephanie S
March 2018

Let me say that after three days of taking all the things you gave me I woke up Saturday morning and actually felt AWAKE!! It’s been a while since I have done that. I also woke up with no back or hip pain, which had gotten bad the last few weeks. I am excited to get back to feeling the way I should and being pain free. So awesome!! Thank you for all you do!!

Robin B
March 2018

Dr. Jade and Dr. Jordan are wonderful. They helped me manage my chronic pain from scoliosis through adjustments and physical therapy. They also helped me manage my anxiety with natural supplements. I feel great under their care. Highly recommend!

Patty F
January 2018

This is an AMAZING place that I recommend to everyone! I have been going here for chiropractic care for quite some time. I am currently pregnant with my seventh child and started having some sciatic pain a few months ago due to the baby’s position. Thanks to weekly adjustments with Dr. Jade and Dr. Jordan, plus PT with Kristin, my pain is gone. Emily and the staff are always welcoming—and very willing to accommodate last minute requests for an appointment. They truly care about their patients! I really appreciate their holistic approach to health care and have never felt better since I started getting weekly adjustments. And they have so much to offer beyond chiropractic care (i.e., massage, light therapy, Zerona laser treatments, supplements, classes, etc.). If you are looking for a place that provides excellent care and has a staff that takes the time to get to know you personally, go to North Shore Pro-Active Health! Your body will thank you!

Ann Marie M
December 2017

Everyone should know about Jordan Leasure and Jade Dellinger at North Shore Pro-Active Health. They are amazing women, and healthcare professionals who have their own chiropractic business, and truly care about the health and well-being of their patients! From chiropractic care, to supplements, to fitness, to physical therapy, to massage, and much much more…they are the complete package for healthcare! Thank you for keeping me healthy!!

Kristy G
November 2017

I really appreciate Dr Jordan and her staff. Fitting me in today with shoulder and neck pain.  Taking the time to ask and understand my pain and discomfort then began to work on a path to feeling better.  Looking forward to the next visit to continue health without a prescription!

Jerry K
October 2017

Went to see Dr. Jordan Leasure yesterday to begin treatment for chronic pain in both hamstrings. Got great education about what needs to be done to treat this condition. Also began treatment and got diagnostic testing. Looking forward to going every week to eliminate this pain.

Jack L
July 2017

After a year of dealing with chronic back pain, my husband looked at me and said, “Quality of life matters… when are you going to take care of your back?” That opened my eyes to my needing help. After a bit of research, I reached out to North Shore Pro-Active Health and scheduled my first appointment on April 4th. After 6 weeks of adjustments and therapy, I feel 100% better. Dr. Jade and Dr. Jordan are consummate professionals, skilled and accomplished. You can tell they love what they do. They provide wonderful care and advice. I also work with trainer, Kristin. I adore her. She knows her stuff. She has me working hard while constantly monitoring my pain levels. Her techniques and exercises have me feeling better and moving more effectively. The front desk staff is second to none. They work well scheduling, greeting, and working with insurance carriers to make sure there are absolutely no surprises. You will not be disappointed with the care you receive here.

Deborah B
May 2017

Dr. Jordan and Dr. Jade are the best! They’ll help you figure out a lot more than just adjusting your spine! They optimize your whole body from physician grade vitamins to healthy eating!

Jim B
April 2017

1.5 months migraine free! I can conquer the world! I have titrated my medicatons that make me groggy during the day, I’ve added in their place a bunch of vitamins. I’ve also incorporated stretching and weight exercises in my daily life, prescribed by the rehab therapist of course, and it all started with a visit to a chiropractor! I’m so grateful for the wonderful care of the women of NSPAH!

Denise R
December 2016

Dr. Jade and Dr. Jordan are both client-centric in their care. They took the time to assess my needs and determine the right course of action for my treatments. I was experiencing fatigue, hormone imbalance, and my body overall felt ‘off’. Once she pinpointed the issues, she put me on a supplement regimen to alleviate my problems. In less than 30 days, her suggested combination, or ‘cocktail’, completely turned around my issues. I’ve never felt better! It is well worth it to see Dr. Jade or Dr. Jordan instead of trying to self-medicate using OTC drugs. Also, the products that you purchase from them are top-notch, medical grade instead of whatever your local pharmacy has. It’s well worth it.

Susie Q
December 2016

I started going to North Shore Pro-Active Health last year, 6 weeks before my first marathon.  I was in so much pain I didn’t know if I would make it to the start line of the race.  With the help of Dr Jordan and her staff I completed my first marathon with no pain.  This year I went back “Pro-Actively” to help prepare me for my second marathon.  Again with the help of Dr Jordan and her staff I trained with no injury and shaved 37 minutes of my time.  Thanks for all your help!

Heidi G
October 2016

I take my granddaughter to see both Dr. Jordan and Dr. Jade.  In addition, she has had physical therapy there on site – very convenient.  The staff is friendly, and it is clear that both Drs. Jordan and Jade are concerned for you, and your overall wellness.  I really appreciate that both Dr. Jordan and Dr. Jade come out to reception, and take you back for your appointment at your scheduled appointment time.  I highly recommend North Shore Pro-Active Health for your personal wellness.

Eileen W
October 2016

I went to north shore for my shoulder as I had a minor tear. Therapy was the answer to get it stronger and have my range of motion increase. Kristin is the athletic trainer there. She is very confident my therapy is going to help immensely. She had been very patient, professional, and always has a smile on her face. She has pushed me to want to become better. I have also seen Dr Jordan for adjustments.  Everyone there has been very helpful and they want the best for their patients.

Cheryl W
September 2016

Anyone who is had planter fasciitis understands how extremely painful it is. Sometimes just stepping out of bed can bring you to your knees. I not only had planter fasciitis once, but twice! The first time I was in a walking boot for greater than six months and in constant pain. The second time I had planter fasciitis, I was put in the boot again and Dr. Jordan said she could help me. A chiropractor helping with planter fasciitis? Wait, what?! In less than two months Dr. Jordan and her fantastic team that me out of the boot and with out pain for the first time in a long time. They hit me with a triple treatment of cold laser therapy, Graston technique and physical therapy. I know that it’s because of North Shore Pro-Active Health that I am not in the boot and I’m without pain today.

Angie L
April 2016

Since treating with Pro-Active Health my recurring occupational headaches have reduced by half! As my treatment tapered off, my headaches have not worsened – largely in part due to the at home exercises their knowledgeable staff taught me. Treatment with Pro-Active health has been the only treatment in the past three years which has produced tangible results – and I have tried it all. Dr. Jordan, Dr. Jade (and their staff) are very easy to talk to, work with, are accommodating with their schedules, and take the time to customize a treatment plan that’s right for you. I highly recommend calling in to schedule a consultation!

Nick C
February 2016

I’ve been going to NSPAH for a couple of months now for an issue with my piriformis and pain in my hip/side/IT band.  During this time I also experienced a pinch/kink in my neck.  Drs. Jordan and Jade, along with their wonderful staff (Taunya at reception, Kristen and Katie for PT and Leah for massage therapy) are all fantastic and tremendously knowledgeable.  Not only are they all very friendly and welcoming, they take great notes so that whomever is treating you is up to speed on how you were feeling during the previous visit so the treatment methods move forward.  Through multiple methods, adjustments, PT, cold laser, percussor, and massage therapy, I am finally starting to feel better after living with this pain for over a year.  And while pain management is of primary importance, realigning your body, retraining and strengthening the muscles to avoid repeated injury are the ultimate goal.  I highly recommend this practice to anyone!

Marianne S
January 2016

I cannot say enough about the entire staff at NSPAH. Always friendly, more than educated. They have helped me with shoulders, pinched nerves and plantar fasciitis! Dr Jade and Dr Jordan are top notch in their field. I will not have any other chiropractor.

Laura T
September 2015

Dr. Jordan and Dr. Jade are AWESOME! I found them online approximately 2 years ago and have been back to see them multiple times. The staff at North Shore Pro-Active Health bend over backwards to take care of their patients- everyone is greeted with a smile and all of the patients leave with a smile. Your overall wellbeing and satisfaction is a true priority for them. I will continue to turn to them with my chiropractic needs. When I move to a new duty station- I hope to talk them into moving their business!

Jared B
September 2015

I had significant pain in my upper and lower back resulting in lack of sleep etc…had never attended a chiropractor previously and in truth a bit skeptical…However….. Dr. Leasure and team are excellent… totally put mind at ease in first visit, take home exercises to do between sessions were simple and very effective and within 2-3 weeks with 4-5 sessions my symptoms were non existent and could sleep without any pain medication. Continued sessions for another 2-3 weeks to build up core back strength and flexibility….again the exercises and chiro adjustments provided by the team have greatly helped. Highly recommend a visit if you have any degree of back discomfort!!!!

Conor B
September 2015

During the winter of 2014, I fell hard on my left knee and limped for months.  I hesitated visiting a doctor because I could not afford the down time or the hassle.  Finally, the pain was too much and I contacted Dr. Jade at North Shore Pro-Active Health.  After completing her treatment schedule and exercise plan, I was 100% functional.  The particular treatment was painful at first (mainly due to my delay in seeking treatment), but it was worth it to be pain free a short time later. I had another opportunity to use Dr. Jade’s Services in the summer of 2014.  I had injured my left hand and my little and ring fingers didn’t work.  This time, I was much quicker in contacting Dr. Jade, and as a result, had fewer visits, less pain and 100% recovery.  I returned to Dr.  Jade because of the results that I had seen with her previous treatments and knew that I could trust her and her expertise. As a self-employed plumber, I can’t afford any downtime, nor can I spend too much time on treatments and therapy that may or may not work.  Dr. Jade Maximized my results using as little of my time as possible.  I could continue to work and did not have to worry about scheduling doctor’s visits.  Her professionalism and willingness to treat whole problems instead of symptoms is why I will continue to visit her, and why I won’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone with similar problems.

Kevin K
December 2014

Going to a Chiropractor for foot issues?  You Bettcha!  Dr. Jade had previously conquered my neck problems so when she told me to schedule for my feet I didn’t hesitate.  I started with Graston treatments, and between that, ultrasound and icing, I am feeling whole again! Soon I will be able to find myself on the softball field or volleyball court again with any luck at all.  I’m still taking it easy, but I have signed up for my 5K Run/Walk in St. Louis in July during my Scentsy Convention. If it weren’t for Dr. Jade at North Shore Pro-Active Health, I’d surely be sidelined for the summer!  Thank you Dr. Jade for giving me back the pep in my step!

Laura T
June 2014

I started going to North Shore Chiropractic after many years of suffering from back pain and daily headaches. I gave up on internal medicine when doctors could never seem to figure out how to help me. I decided to take an alternative route and try chiropractic care. I was VERY skeptical but willing to try anything and within my first week of treatment I was pain and headache free no joke!!! I highly recommend seeing Doctors Jordan and Jade Leasure they have worked miracles for me!

Kristin I
May 2014