Functional Medicine Chiropractic Care

Functional Medicine Chiropractic Care

Sometimes, an individual can feel fine, but may not be in optimal health. This is because many symptoms of disease, injury or simply poor physiological functioning take a while to appear.

The good news is that, by undergoing preventative chiropractic care, with an emphasis in functional medicine, physicians can often diagnose problems earlier, so treatments are more effective. Likewise, undergoing preventative chiropractic care helps individuals optimize their physiological function, health and overall wellness.

About the Functional Medicine Approach

With functional medicine, the physician treats the mind and body as a whole, and collaborates with the patients’ other healthcare and wellness practitioners, for a comprehensive treatment approach. For instance, instead of simply prescribing pain relievers to address a painful symptom, the functional medicine practitioner strives to diagnose and treat the root cause of the pain. A functional medicine practitioner understands that the mind, body and spirit are connected and that each component must be functioning well for the body to function well overall.

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