Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy is vital to improving a women’s overall health, as well as labor outcomes. Dr. Dellinger is certified by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics as well as Webster Certified. Her continued education on the topics of pediatrics and prenatal care are due to a passion for helping women have happy and healthy pregnancies and births as well as empowering them to have the birth that they desire.

Webster Technique

Webster technique is a specific analysis and adjustment which addresses the pelvis, sacrum and all associated ligaments. Misalignment of the pelvis or sacrum can cause tension on their associated ligaments, including the uterine attachments. Webster Certified Chiropractors will help restore proper movement to these structures which can not only improve pain, and decrease tension in the pelvis, but also improve birth outcomes.

Proper pelvic alignment will decrease intrauterine constraint allowing for more space for the baby to develop, grow and move.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

*Improved Nervous System Functioning

*Decreased Stress

*Decreased tension/torsion on uterus and pelvis

*Prepares the pelvis for an easier pregnancy and birth

*Decreased Labor Times

*Improved labor Outcomes

*and more!

Dr. Jade is also a B!RTHFIT Professional and has brought the four pillars of B!RTHFIT to North Shore Pro-Active Health.

BIRTHFIT is a movement.Women are taking charge of their bodies and their decisions before conception, during pregnancy, and after birth. We’re supporting one another’s journeys—together and apart.

BIRTHFIT is an approach to birth.We challenge the status quo and ask the questions no one else asks. We read, research, experiment & consolidate all the common sense, time-honored wisdom & recent studies we can find and present that information to you through various education models. Our pillars are fitness, nutrition, chiropractic & mindset. We unconditionally support YOU—the birth mom & birth partner—to make the best decision for you and Baby.

BIRTHFIT is a state of readiness.Childbirth is perhaps the most physical, mental & spiritual experience of a woman’s life. We want you to be ready in body, mind & spirit for the experience of birth and the lifelong journey that follows.

BIRTHFIT is your support team. We are a team of practitioners, educators, chiropractors, coaches, nutritionists, fellow mamas, men & women who are involved in our local communities and we are all rooting for YOU.


BIRTHFIT is based on 4 important things:

Fitness: To functionally train in a way that develops competencies in physical skills as well as enhances the three main metabolic pathways.

Nutrition: To consume a diet that is rich in color and nutrients, from a wide variety of animals, fish, plants, fruits, and fats and starchy fibers.

Mindset: To be present in the moment, grateful for your life’s experiences, and embrace with a big ol’ open heart to welcome the transition into motherhood.

Connection: To open pathways from the cellular to the metaphysical level wherein a human can experience and express optimal health in body, mind, and soul.

Dr. Jade will work closely with your birth providers and send reports as requested to make sure all members of your team are working for you! Schedule a consultation today to see how Chiropractic can fit into your pregnancy and birth plans.