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Apple Cider Vinegar : The Miracle Product?

Although many people feel that Apple Cider Vinegar is something new on the health scene, it’s actually been around since 400 B.C.  Hippocrates, Father of Medicine, treated his patients with it!  Apple Cider Vinegar has been traced back to Egyptian urns and even Julius Caesar’s army used it to fight […]

The Deceiving Nature of Whiplash

Contrary to popular belief, you can sustain a whiplash injury from more than just being rear ended!  Whiplash is an acceleration/deceleration injury…meaning, it’s a rapid forward and backward (or side to side) movement of the head and neck.  Although most common to occur during a car accident, whiplash is known to […]

Get to Know Kristin Stromberg, ATC

It’s that time again, here is our third get to know you blog post!  Next up, Kristin Stomberg, Athletic Trainer extraordinaire! Name: Kristin Stromberg Position at office: Rehab Assistant/Athletic Trainer Why did you become an Athletic trainer: I became an AT because I always enjoyed sports and I do not mind dealing with blood, […]