4 Benefits of a Winter Massage

4 benefits of a winter massage

So let’s be honest here, massage is good any time of year. But there may be some added benefits to making yourself a priority not only during these cold winter months but also during the times of high stress that the holidays can bring.

To begin the type of massage you receive can vary greatly from location and from provider. It’s good to be educated on the differences in options and also to know what you like. But don’t be afraid to try something new. You may not think that your muscles are as tight as they are and a relaxing swedish may be your go-to, but deep tissue therapy and or stretching may just be what you need. Have you ever tried cupping or hot stone therapy? Now maybe the time. These colder weather may bring a change in posture and increased blood flow to certain muscles can not only decrease pain but also improve range of motion.

If you have a tendency to move less this time of year working with a therapist that provides not only stretching as part of the massage but incorporates other mobilization techniques can help you stay limber all winter long.

Have you ever tried utilizing essential oils during a massage? Oils are powerful tools that have been used for thousands of years and specific plant-based remedies to help you decrease pain, improve energy, improve mental clarity, and even just relax.

The oils can be used a variety of ways. They can be diffused during your massage which is where they become an aerosol in the air and you get to enjoy the aroma during the massage, they can be added directly to massage lotion and applied topically, they can also be added to the therapist hands directly where you’re allowed to deeply inhale a more concentrated aroma, they can also be added directly to the skin in the form of a scalp massage. There are lots of options when utilizing essential oils during a massage.

Peppermint is often utilized in scalp massage and is very refreshing. You may notice a tingling and cooling sensation so I recommend saving this revitalizing treatment till the end of your session.

Massage therapy can increase lymph flow which will help fight off viruses and bacteria. A great essential oil to add to this type of session maybe diffusing thieves and or purification not only during a session but also at home.

The dry winter air and extreme changes in temperature can create extremely dry skin. Some individuals also have a tendency to drink less water during this time as were drawn to warmer beverages. You may find regular massage therapy helps to keep your mind relaxed, your muscles more mobile but also keep your skin moisturized.

The shortened days and increased stress can be very taxing on our mental clarity and emotional health. Having a massage allows you time to unplug literally and figuratively. It gives you time to just be with yourself and your thoughts, maybe to reconnect to your priorities, and also brainstorm Wellness ideas for the coming week. Maybe even meal plan. (At least that’s what I do during my massages!)

If it’s been a while since your last visit with us a lot has changed! Our sessions are now a FULL 60 and 90 minutes; we send a questionnaire so you can personalize your treatment with essential oils, your favorite music, your massage pressure and even the type of water you’d like after! We have air purification systems in each room that circulate the air every 6 minutes and we utilize UV sanitizers in the room 2-3 times daily. Schedule your appointment today! 847-362-4476

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