Functional Medicine Testing at Home

Functional Medicine Testing at Home

Over the past 90 days we’ve done everything we can to better service our clients from a distance. We’ve changed healthcare portal providers to better allow for HIPAA compliant virtual visits for both Functional Medicine and Physical Therapy. We’ve simplified our services to include a monthly group plan for stress as well as 3 and 6 month All Inclusive Functional Medicine Programs. We’re proudest of our expanding testing line that can be completed COMPLETELY AT HOME!! Below take a look at the current testing kits available. They can be picked up curbside from our clinic or mailed directly to your door. They are completed in the comfort of your home and the price includes the consultation with Dr. Leasure to discuss results as well as health implications and lifestyle modifications. If you’re interested please contact us directly at 847-362-4476 as pricing is only valid for the next 90 days and quantities are limited.

The FIT22 Food Sensitivity Panel

If your physician has prescribed an elimination diet and it’s outside your comfort zone you’ll find it worth the nominal expense to run a food sensitivity panel. We like the FIT22 because it tests for the top 22 most inflammatory foods including cows milk, whole wheat, gluten, chicken, corn, beef, peanut, salmon, and 16 other common allergens. It tests for IgG antibodies and compliment antigen to paint a more complete picture of what’s causing inflammation in the system.

Foods can cause additional inflammation even if you’re trying to make healthy choices.  If you’ve experienced psoriasis, stomach discomfort, mood issues, or even joint pain it may be your dinner that’s contributing! Let’s find out in a simple blood spot test. $175 including the consultation.  A larger, more comprehensive panel is available for $325 and it tests 132 foods.

The Dutch Hormone Test

The Dutch test is a Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormone analysis. They use 4 easy to collect dried urine papers easily collected at home. The papers are first tested for Free Cortisol – the pattern is rise and fall mimics that in saliva. Cortisol is our stress hormone – it is a key component in analysis of the HPA axis. This is combined to look at the sex hormone metabolites – it closely mimics a 24 hour urine catch without the challenge. 

See our blog on Thyroid Testing to review symptoms associated with hormone dysfunction. (link to thyroid blog)

Depending on which test you choose the hormones tested could be sex and adrenal hormones, organic acid testing, and even a full progesterone and estrogen patten through the menstrual cycle to provide a full picture of a woman’s cycle. It allows us to answer questions regarding infertility, PCOS, and more!

These tests range from: $399 to $599 and include the consultation.

The Regenr8 Epigenetic Biomarker Profile 

Do you suffer from frequent joint or soft tissue pain? Do you struggle to lose weight, or suffer from frequent gut issues such as gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation? Have you experienced low energy levels, fatigue, exercise intolerance or depression? Did you know that blood sugar imbalances, low energy levels, and cardiovascular disease could indicate that your body is low in, or not properly utilizing B-Vitamins? If you answered yes to any of these then this may be the test for you!

This is one of the easiest tests to complete as it’s a one time urine sample. Regen8’s Epigenetic Biomarker Profile (EBP) utilizes epigenetics to analyze metabolic biomarkers of cellular processes that are genetically, epigenetically and environmentally altered. By assessing a patient’s ability to meet vital cellular functions it identifies problem areas before they become health issues.

The areas analyzed include: B-Vitamin/Methylation Cofactor Assessment, Cellular Energy, Muscle, Gut, Amino Acid, Inflammation & Oxidative Stress. The Regenr8 Biomarker test runs $299 including the consultation.  As a bonus once completed you are eligible to order the Optim8 customized supplement formula!

Standard Process Omega-3 Index Plus 

An Omega-3 Index in the range of 8-12% is one indicator of better overall health. As a part of an overall healthy lifestyle, an Omega-3 Index in the 8-12% range may help to maintain heart, brain, eye and joint health. The best way to increase your Omega-3 Index is to eat more omega-3 fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA. These are found primarily in fish, especially “oily” fish. They can also be obtained from dietary supplements (fish, krill, cod liver and algal oils).

The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans states, “For The general population, consumption of about 8 ounces per week of a variety of seafood, which provide an average consumption of 250*mg per day of EPA and DHA, is associated with reduced cardiac deaths among individuals with and without pre-existing cardiovascular disease.”

This kit runs $95 and includes the virtual consultation.

If any of the above complaints resonate with you or if you are interested in acquiring any of the above tests please call our office immediately as testing kits are limited. There is a small S/H fee applied to any kits shipped – fee is waived if kit is picked up at our office.

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