How Will you Spend May?

Wow. What a day. May 1st.  May Day.

A day that should have been spent celebrating our 14th anniversary at North Shore Pro-Active Health.  In Chicago we’re on week 7 of a mandatory stay at home order. While Chiropractors are considered necessary medical personnel and are allowed to remain open we are obviously not allowed to hold our annual “White Party” and celebrate our successes and thank those that have contributed.

Not many people know but the office is actually named in memory of a friend of mine from college. His name was Rob Brogi and he grew up in Deerfield.

We went to the University of Kansas and met as freshmen. I don’t remember the specifics but we became fast friends and I often relied on Rob to escort me grocery shopping, walk me home from late night classes, etc. There was absolutely nothing romantic between us – just almost like an instant soul connection.

We were both Italian, both from Chicago and both living in Naismith – the private dorm on the KU campus. Literally – the place to be – we had a pool.

Naismith Hall Pool

Rob nicknamed me “North Shore Brat” which was exceedingly funny since I was from Libertyville and he was from Deerfield so if anyone was more “North Shore” it was Rob.

For a variety of reasons I chose not to return to Kansas in the fall of Sophomore year and that October Rob passed away from meningitis. I blamed myself for a long time – thinking if I would have been there I would have made him go to the hospital sooner, I would have somehow known, etc. (obviously unrealistic thoughts but a part of the grief process – especially for a 19 year old). 

10 years later when I was thinking about what to name the office it seemed only natural to incorporate the words “North Shore”. To pay homage to a friend whose time was short lived but who’s impact was forever lasting. Rob was and continues to be my angel. 

Life is crazy right now. A peloton coach summed it up beautifully by saying – “what you do during this time will dictate who you are. Be proud of your actions”. In the last 7 weeks I’ve seen beautiful acts of kindness and empathy; but also startling anger and agitation. Take a deep breath, prioritize and try to do one thing every day for yourself as well as one thing each day for someone else. Even if it’s as simple as taking 5 deep breaths – or hell, one if that’s all you can muster.

Sanibel Florida, my happy place

You can find me LIVE daily on our facebook group: “Dr. Jordan’s Stress Relief Bootcamp“. Our office remains open and seeing patients with social distancing protocols in place. We are also servicing patients virtually through consultations and private physical therapy classes over Zoom. If we can be of assistance please give us a call.
We’ll get through this – it’s a given. But who will you be when it’s over? Be someone your angels can rejoice in. 

Thank you to my amazing sister & partner in all this – Dr. Jade. I am forever grateful for our current staff who has not only been supportive but creative and patient through all the changes. You rule Hasana, Julie, Kristie & Jorell. Thank you for allowing us to be of service for the past 14 years. Our patients are our passion. And stay tuned for one hell of a party this summer. Much Love.

Dr. Jordan

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