How to Prevent the Spread of a Virus

Data based on the National Health Interview Survey of the National Center for Health Statistics show that the common cold annually causes 35.6 acute illnesses per 100 people. Many viral infections we fight off everyday without evening knowing it! Very few viral infections cause a significant number of deaths, most commonly in people who have underlying health conditions or are immune-compromised.

There are a few steps you can take to ward off viruses starting today!

  1. Manage your stress – Get 20-30 minutes of daily exercise.  Keep a gratitude journal.  Practice abdominal breathing.
  2. Increase Your Vitamins – D3/K2, Zinc, Vitamin C, Probiotics and Elderberry should be taken prophylactically to help boost your immune system.
  3. Improve Diet & Reduce Sugar – Eating clean by decreasing sugar, alcohol, gluten and dairy may be one of the easiest things to increase immunity.
  4. Get a Chiropractic Adjustment – Your nervous system modulates the immune system.  Children under chiropractic care have a decreased use of medications – including antibiotics.  Goes for adults too!

Don’t forget the most basic principles of hygiene as well. Washing hands regularly, covering your mouth as you cough or sneeze and cleaning the surfaces you touch daily should be part of your regular routine.

Have favorite immune boosting supplements? Share them with us!

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