5 Reasons To Never Miss Your Appointment

“Something came up at work and I can’t get out of it.” “My kid is sick.” “I accidentally scheduled another appointment at that time.” “I’m so sorry, I totally forgot!!!” Life happens, we get it, but there are always excuses for not coming into the office. For whatever reason you’re thinking about skipping out on your next appointment, take a minute to think about all the reasons you shouldn’t!


Here’s just a few reasons why you should never miss your appointments:


  1. Chiropractic care is PRO-ACTIVE.

We obviously love this word so much we had to put it in our name. The very definition of proactive means to control the situation by causing something to happen, rather than fixing it after something happens. You should view your chiro appointments as a preventative treatment. By having regular adjustments done and implementing a healthy lifestyle, we will help you to feel great all year round. “But I’m feeling fine” you say? Awesome! Your appointments will keep you feeling that way!. Instead of waiting for a painful injury, keep up with regular appointments to prevent injuries altogether. We are trying to be proactive about your health, you should be too!


  1. We do it for YOU.

Every single patient is unique to us. This fact allows your doctor to customize a treatment plan that is specific to you. Don’t you feel special now! The doctor’s ONLY job is to make sure that you are well. We are dedicating our time to you and working hard to find the most effective solution to your unique situation. Follow your appointment schedule and trust that the doctor knows what it takes to make you feel your best.


  1. Get the ANSWERS.

By now most of us know that the internet can be a scary place. It has become a habit to grab your phone and go to a website that can look up your symptoms and search for a diagnosis. After you’re convinced that there is something seriously wrong, you can also look up treatments on the very same website. Although you may feel like a super health detective, the internet is not a sufficient method to getting answers. Write down your symptoms, questions and concerns, and then make an appointment with a doctor! Your chiropractor has the knowledge and experience to assess and address the issues that are troubling you. Don’t turn to the internet, come to your appointment to get your answers.


  1. Be a part of the TEAM.

The most successful patients are the most involved patients. When it comes down to it, this is your life and your health. If you have made the decision to seek out help, our doctors will do everything  they can to give you the best care. Your team of chiropractic, rehab, nutrition, and massage, will  collaborate to give you the tools to build a healthy lifestyle, but we need you to follow through! Help us help you by following your care plan, asking questions, doing your homework, and coming to your appointments. Hands in. 1.2.3.Go team!


  1. R.E.S.P.E.C.T

As an office that promotes health, happiness, and well-being, we understand that your time is valuable.We try to make sure that every patient receives as efficient care as possible, and schedule accordingly. We understand that situations may come up and you will have to cancel your appointment, that’s just life! We simply ask that you try to be mindful that when you miss an appointment, since another patient could have been receiving care at that time. Therefore, If you are aware that you will not be able to make it to an appointment, please give proper notice so we can have someone else come in during that time. We have the utmost respect for you and your time, we hope that you will extend the same courtesy to us and our other patients!

Now that we’ve politely and kindly reminded you why you should never miss your appointment, go over to your schedule and make sure that you’ve penciled us in! Haven’t been in to see us yet? Call 847.362.4476 to schedule your free consultation today and check out our website to see the many services we provide here at North Shore Pro-Active Health! See you at your next appointment!

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