Get to Know Kristin Stromberg, ATC

It’s that time again, here is our third get to know you blog post!  Next up, Kristin Stomberg, Athletic Trainer extraordinaire!
Name: Kristin Stromberg
Position at office: Rehab Assistant/Athletic Trainer
Why did you become an Athletic trainer: I became an AT because I always enjoyed sports and I do not mind dealing with blood, broken bones
Who is your celebrity crush? Ohhh.. to many to pick from, lol. I will have to say Ryan Reynolds because he is very funny
What is your favorite movie? Titanic and Finding Nemo
If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Teleportation so I never have to drive or fly anywhere
Worst unhealthy habit? Drinking too much pop
What is one item on your bucket list? To own a bunch of dogs on a large acre of land and help rescue them
What is your favorite office chore or task? I like doing inventory and my numbers being correct
If you had an endless supply of any food, what would it be? Pizza because there are so many possibilities 
Do you have any pets?  If so type and names. I have a dog named Bruce and a bunny named Wrigley
Last book you read? Beautiful Redemption
What did you want to be as a child? I wanted to work on the Titanic but since I get motion sickness that wouldn’t work out to well
Morning or Night person? Night person
Oldest thing in your fridge? Frozen vegetables
Favorite Ice Cream flavor? I don’t discriminate 
What’s one thing NSPAH has done/taught you to improve your health? Knowing how much toxins we have in our body and that if we don’t get rid of them we feel terrible and that they may cause some of our current symptoms
Do you have questions for our staff or something you’d like more information on?  Contact our office and we will do the research and post a blog! 847-362-4476 or [email protected]

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