Get to know Dr. Jade Dellinger

It’s that time again, here is our second get to know you blog post!  Next up, Dr. Jade Dellinger!

Name: Dr. Jade Dellinger
Position at office: Chiropractor, tech support, problem solver
Why did you become a Chiropractor: After researching options of careers in the medical field, the philosophy of chiropractic hit home.  Having the ability to help the body heal itself without the need for outside intervention is an amazing skill I feel grateful to have everyday!  Health starts from the inside out, and that is exactly what our chiropractic founder taught us!
Who is your celebrity crush? Ryan Reynolds
What is your favorite movie: This is hard.  My husband and I watch over 6 movies a month.  Good Will Hunting, Mission Impossible 3 (even though I don’t care for Tom Cruise), all the Bourne movies, Stand by Me, Seven and…… the list could go on.  I’m movie obsessed and I’ve broken the rules of answering these questions!
If you could have one superpower, what would it be: This is tough.  Teleporting would be fun and give me the ability to travel without spending so much time.
Worst unhealthy habit? I really love bread.
What is one item on your bucket list? Travel the world, city by city, offering chiropractic care to those that cannot afford it.
What is your favorite office chore or task? Anything on the creative side.  Designing handouts, logos, and putting together gift baskets.
If you had an endless supply of any food, what would it be? Chocolate.
Do you have any pets?  If so type and names: Two Cats.  Fat Hossa and Jasmine.  (His name is just Hossa since he is a Blackhawks fan, but he’s big boned)
Last book you read? All The Missing Girls.  I have just started reading Harry Potter from book one to appease my Husband who loves the magical wizardly world.
What did you want to be as a child? a veterinarian
Morning or Night person? Neither 🙂  My ideal day is from 8am to 930pm.  If I had to pick I’d say night.
Oldest thing in your fridge? A jar of bread and butter pickles
Favorite Ice Cream flavor? Cookies and Cream
What’s one thing NSPAH has done/taught you to improve your health? It’s not necessarily about moderation, it’s about consistency.  If you moderately eat like garbage, or moderately workout you aren’t doing anything to improve your health.  If you are consistent with your healthy choices you will see lifelong changes.
Do you have questions for our staff or something you’d like more information on?  Contact our office and we will do the research and post a blog! 847-362-4476 or [email protected]

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