Massage Therapist Qualifications

Did you know massage therapists in Illinois need 750 hours of learning and training to qualify for licensing?  A typical curriculum would consist of Anatomy 1 and 2, Pathology, Physiology,  Kinesiology, Palpation, Clinical integration, Ethics, Hydrotherapy, and Alternative complimentary therapies.

A skilled massage therapist should know how to assess range of motion for all joints, assess your gate and posture upon viewing, utilize Orthopedic testing if necessary, assess your information from your intake form, and talk to you about your concerns.

After doing these these things, the massage therapists should be able to use their knowledge of anatomy and massage therapy to devise a plan for treating you that day. Usually our goal is to find the source of your pain and eradicate it through various massage techniques and modalities.

Sometimes the therapist may check for pain or abnormalities in areas other than where you are experiencing localized pain because often times the source of the problem is not always where the patient is feeling pain.

After your massage we take medical notes and add to the Dr.’s notes our findings so that the information is there for our other massage therapists and Dr.’s to see.

All the massage therapists at NSPAH are licensed by the state of Illinois, which means we all have the training stated above and we are all committed to helping our patients obtain optimal health and be pain free!

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