Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

Shopping for the right supplements can be an overwhelming task.  Nearly every store has an aisle from floor to ceiling filled with hundreds of different brands.  Not only are stores carrying supplements, BUT you can buy them off infomercials and individual sales companies.  Where do you start and who do you trust?

Supplements can most definitely help recovery time, improve energy and aid in nearly every function of the body; IF you are taking the right type.  The number one reason I hear in the office for why people stopped taking their supplements is they didn’t “feel” a difference.  Pending on the purpose and the quality of the supplement you will not always “feel” a change within your body.

If you take anything away from this blog post please know that generic supplements aren’t even worth the $5.00 that you paid.  I hate to put it so bluntly, but they are the lowest quality on the market.  The FDA does not require regular tests for effectiveness, safety or ingredients on supplements.  The supplement industry has many players that are in it for money and not to improve your health.  Here is a breakdown of the types of supplements on the market.


  • Examples are One-A-Day, Centrum, Natures Made and other store brands.
  • Full of fillers and additives reducing their effectiveness, absorption and quality.
  • Cheaper, synthetic forms of vitamins to maximize profit.
  • Do Not Buy – stay away!
  • These were recently recalled from many stores such as Target and Walmart


  • Examples are Vega, New Chapter
  • Free of Fillers, artificial color and allergens
  • Although they are free of some harmful ingredients, they do not have to follow any labeling standards
  • “Natural” is a term anyone and any product can use, so quality and purity can vary!  Be Cautious!


  • Make sure to research nutritional claims
  • They use “sensational marketing” to sell their product – some claims may be false
  • Quite expensive!  High prices often lead to consumers assuming they are quality supplements
  • Always research their claims.  Find well-documented articles to back these supplements
  • Examples are Herbalife, Nu Skin, Sunrider and others

Professional/Pharmaceutical Made

  • The only supplement type tested per batch for quality, safety and bioavailability.
  • Organic, gluten free, natural, free of binders, fillers and allergens.
  • Natural and patented substance for each mineral
  • Follows Pharmaceutical labeling standards and regulations.  Everything in the bottle is on the label!
  • Sold by doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors, trainers and dietitians
  • Examples are: Numedica, Biogenesis, Innate Choice, Anabolic Labs, and others
  • These are the best supplements on the market.  You will feel a difference with the ones you should.  They are tested more and have in them what they claim.

This is a great  article if you are looking for more information on the types of supplements.  They tell it like it is, and explain in further detail why you should throw out your Centrum’s YESTERDAY!

It is better you are taking no supplement then a garbage supplement.  Educating yourself on proper supplementation will not only improve your health, but not cause any undo harm.  It is important to remember that your primary care physician is rarely trained in supplements.  They are taught pharmaceuticals, but not supplements in depth.  Your chiropractor, trainer and possibly nutritionist with continuing education in supplementation should be your first resource in how to properly supplement your body.

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